Cubanos delivered to your door!

Hey all, hope you are all well during these crazy times. Normally we would be in te height of festival season, probably trading 3-4 days a week and prepping during the remaining days, but COVID has decimated our business massively, for us and all those people associated with the events industry. So we are launching the make at home kits to bring our street food to your door rather than coming to ours! Our full street food menu is available along with some new side dishes and drinks so you can have a full Cubanos night in :)

We've been in test mode over the last few weeks so keep an eye out for new menu options, we'll also let you know what events we will be attending alongside our delivery service.

One final thing for this week - this is all new to us so please bear with us during the first few weeks while we get used to our new way of working. WE also apreciate any feedback, good or bad, to ensure we are giving you te very best service and quality possible.

We also have adapted our risk assessments and hygiene policies to make sure we are being as safe and hygienic as possible from our Cubanos prep kitchen right through to delivering to your door.

Happy eating people!